Who We Are: A Manufacturer of Slewing Rings, Drives, & Gears

Precision-crafted manufactured products. In-house service and support.

On-time delivery. Very attractive price.


Since entering the market in 2012, SlewPro has gained the confidence and trust of manufacturers across North America—from very small to very large—by exceeding their expectations for quality products, responsive service and expert support.

When you work with SlewPro, you’ll receive more than a bearing manufacturer. With the addition of Rhino Gear, our team is now able to produce internal and external gears, ring gears, timing pulleys, sprockets, internal and external splines, keyways, custom broached internal shapes and CNC machined products. As a result, you’ll get a business partner that’s willing to understand your application, ensuring you have the manufactured components required to complete your projects on time and within your budget.

With SlewPro and Rhino Gear, your benefits begin with:

  • Faster response times—We know your project clock is ticking, so we respond to requests for quotes within 24 hours.
  • Greater flexibility—If one of our standard products meets your needs, that’s great. If not, we can accommodate your design request. Rather than compromise your design, we will create customized manufactured components to meet your requirements.
  • Enhanced efficiency—All SlewPro bearings, Rhino gears and manufactured components are designed in the U.S., built to U.S. standards and supported by in-house experts. Following highly controlled business practices enables SlewPro and Rhino Gear to deliver products faster than established bearing vendors—and at a lower price.
  • Peace of mind—Bearings are often the foundational parts of a manufacturing project; you can’t start until your bearings arrive. As such, a long or delayed ship date on a bearing order is more than just frustrating—it’s unacceptable. The SlewPro team understands your need for on-time delivery. So when we tell you “10 to 12 weeks to delivery,” you can depend on it.
  • Cost effectiveness—Many organizations stockpile inventory to ensure parts are always on hand. The cost of this business practice is tying up huge amounts of your budget. With SlewPro and Rhino Gear, you can forget about stockpiling and order what you need when you need it. If you prefer, both SlewPro and Rhino Gear will follow a predetermined stock plan to ensure you receive scheduled shipments during the year. This proven business model enables you to reduce or eliminate excessive in-house inventory; it’s also a very effective budget-saving technique.
  • Lower risk—Specializing in bearing design/build, every SlewPro and Rhino Gear solution is specified, supported and backed by the in-house U.S.-based team. In addition, SlewPro backs its manufactured components with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Singular focus—While established bearing and gear manufacturers are business units within global enterprises, SlewPro and Rhino Gear focus on their areas of expertise—designing and delivering high-quality bearings and custom gears.

To save you significant time and effort, the SlewPro team has created 3D models and drawings of bearings and manufactured components we offer. Simply drop the bearing into your design, and you’ll be ready to go. If you can’t find a suitable part online, we will create a tailored bearing or manufactured component that meets your exact specifications.

Are you ready to get more from your bearing and gear vendor? Contact us today. Discover the benefits of working with a team of highly technical personnel who offer high-quality bearings and custom gears.


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SlewPro Products

High-quality bearings in a variety of sizes and styles
Many sizes and styles of hourglass worm drives to choose from
Custom and standard gears for small to mid-sized OEM manufacturers