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Frustrated by a lack of responsiveness to its needs during consultations with other parts manufacturers, MWES found a willing and enthusiastic partner in SlewPro.

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“I’d like to thank Potesta & Company for all the help in the past few months sizing slew bearings and pinion gears. No other company I’ve been in contact with has come close to the service Potesta & Company has provided me with.”

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SlewPro’s 30 Series is a slewing ring bearing series with a rectangular cross section that offers a high degree of stiffness.

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MWES Positioned for Success

The key to success in business is to offer quality solutions to existing problems. MWES has spent the last 25 years offering technical and specialized expertise in custom machines and integrated systems to a wide variety of customers. Part of MWES’ success has been its ability to tap new markets, including one of the company’s more recent endeavors, which involved designing robotic welding positioners.

Prior to the adoption of robotic welding positioners, manufacturers were obliged to manually manipulate parts to be welded, which, in the case of extremely large parts, often required the use of a crane. While humans can and do perform amazing feats of engineering and manufacturing, it is difficult to beat robotics when it comes to work that requires exact positioning. Robotic welding positioners became the solution for companies requiring the ability to accurately weld large parts.

Exceeding Expectations

MWES offers three different robotic welding positioners, including the Skyhook, a two-axis “L” arm positioner. The Skyhook system is capable of working with parts or objects weighing in excess of 50,000 kg (110,231.13 lb.) and smoothly turning those parts to deliver accurate positioning for welding. It was during the design of the Skyhook that MWES turned to SlewPro for assistance.

“Now that we’ve found SlewPro, getting help with sizing and working through the design process has been a relief,” said Andrea Houseman, a mechanical engineer at MWES. “When you look at the size of the positioners and the heavy products that are being manipulated, making sure you have the sizing right, including the safety factor, is huge. On top of it all, the price point and lead times offered by SlewPro were very competitive.”

More Than a Bearing Manufacturer

SlewPro was able to manufacture custom bearings and face-mounted pinions for MWES, all of which are backed by SlewPro’s dedication to quality management and adherence to ISO 2008 standards. Along with its willingness to work with a company to assure all needs are met, SlewPro is capable of quickly delivering vital parts with its standard 10-week delivery time.

Following the success of the Skyhook project, SlewPro has continued to work with MWES, providing bearing and pinion combinations for a number of solutions, including a miniaturized version of its robotic welding positioner and a truck-mounted swivel mount for MWES’ robotic positioner, which helped it achieve a full 360⁰ freedom of movement.




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Looking for a slewing ring supplier that can provide you with a custom design as well as quick turnaround on specs and quality throughout? Since 2012, SlewPro has gained the confidence and trust of manufacturers across North America by exceeding their expectations for quality products, responsive service and expert support.

Our team of highly technical personnel offers high-quality slewing ring bearings and custom gears, from turntable bearings to helical gears to spur gears. Whatever your needs, we ensure you have the precision-crafted manufactured components required to complete your project on time and within your budget. If you have additional questions or want to learn more about how we can partner with you, contact us by filling out the form.