Slewing Rings

Customized Slewing Ring Bearings Fit for your needs

Slewing ringSlewPro is pleased to offer everything from small, single row ball slewing ring bearings for light-duty applications to large, triple roller slewing rings for demanding heavy applications and geared bearings for everything in between. SlewPro can cross over all major brands for an exact fit. Can’t find exactly what you need? Our team of engineers provides slew ring bearing designs for your application.

SlewPro's slewing rings include:

  • Dependable delivery: most orders ship in 12 weeks or less
  • Technical support: engineers are standing by to help
  • High quality: we meet or exceed the quality of all major brands
  • Fair prices: leveraging the power of the global economy keeps you in budget

For more information on specific slewing ring products, please see the links below: 

21 series 30 series 40 series 45 series 50 series 100 series
21 Series 30 Series 40 Series 45 Series 50 Series  100 Series

Interested in learning more about our slewing ring bearings or other precision-crafted products? Request a quote or contact us to speak with an expert directly.


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